The Miami dolphins fired coach Philbin

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Second consecutive season with the NFL manager in the London bowl after losing the first round of the team to be fried squid.
The Miami dolphins announced Monday that they have fired handsome Joe (Joe Philbin) philbin. Philbin coach during the dolphins made 24 wins, 28 losses, failed to enter the playoffs, at the end of the season he also unexpectedly have been renewed.

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The team announced the end of the front wing coach Dan – Campbell (Campbell Dan) will become a temporary coach. It is reported that dolphin players are closely related to Campbell, and they will welcome this change.
Considering to the season for the dolphins to the high expectations of value, they the season bad record, but may dolphins lose the way that Philbin lost coach. Last week, the dolphins in the face of the Buffalo Bills games is the worst in team history home opener performance in the London Games for New York Jets without strike back. Misled the people 27-14 score. The whole game in addition to rely on a foul on an opponent dolphins can not advance, defensive attack for the fourth consecutive games without performance.

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According to the report of the dolphin players treat Philbin not treat the coach’s respect. He had a bad relationship with the players. In the nearly four years of coaching time Philbin have many problems. The 2013 season was destroyed by the scandal. Dolphins in the past two seasons are competing for the playoffs in December, the collapse of the seat.
This was originally thought to be different, because the offensive team continue to have a good squad and defensive striker has a lot of talent. But the dolphins in the American League East bottom, they are not in the direction of attack and defense group. Even in victory the dolphins in the first week of their offensive group can not move forward, they promote code number is less than the rival Washington Redskins.

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Dolphin boss on Monday showed him that the current situation is not a problem for the players. It’s his turn to prove that he is right.

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